I moved home to Chattanooga after graduating from Suffolk University Law School in 2005.  I got my first job in the legal field through a temp agency.  It was a placement in the in-house law department of a locally owned company, and I started out earning $10.50 an hour for a month long assignment.  Ten years later, I rose to the position of Senior Counsel & Privacy Officer and had the chance to work on some amazing projects, including the launch of the world's fastest internet. 

I grew up inspired by my father - a born salesman who owned and operated several businesses throughout my life (Groucho's Deli, The Swim Center, and Vector Printing).  After my daughter was born in 2014, I began to make peace with my own entrepreneurial spirit.  What started as a whisper had grown 

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into a scream.  Inside of me was an urge to be my own boss, to have the freedom to say yes and no to cases and clients because I felt passionately about their opportunities and challenges and confident in my ability to help them.  I often tell people that the only reason to be an entrepreneur is because you cannot not do it.  In 2016, I took a giant leap of faith, started my own company, and somehow managed to convince my employer to become my first client.  

Starting out in private practice, I worked almost exclusively in the niche of utilities and communications.  Most of my work focused on helping electric utilities and cooperatives bring advanced broadband communications systems to underserved portions of the Southeast.  In this role, I have helped with obtaining regulatory approvals and franchise agreements and negotiating contracts with entertainment and technology companies.

In 2017, my father died unexpectedly at the age of 62.  As his sole heir and beneficiary, I inherited the majority ownership stake in his company Vector Printing.  My experience leading Vector Printing has taught me so much about leadership, small business ownership, and the importance of business owners taking the time to create thoughtful and diligent succession and estate planning.  Being a dual business owner and a working mother has given me a depth of understanding and compassion that few attorneys are able to offer their clients.

My dream clients are business leaders who care about their teams, the law, and success.  I love to help people solve problems, but my preference is always to prevent them.