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Statement of Intentions

​Do good.  

Create and share joy and love.  

Help people in need.  

Travel with my family.  

Learn about diverse cultures.  


Experience soul-stirring beauty.  

Nurture the creative in myself and others.  

Practice radical self-acceptance.  

Continually grow.  

My Story

I moved home to Chattanooga after graduating from Suffolk University Law School in 2005.  I got my first job in the legal field through a temp agency.  It was a placement in the in-house law department of a locally owned company, and I started out earning $10.50 an hour for a month long assignment.  Ten years later, I rose to the position of Senior Counsel & Privacy Officer and had the chance to work on some amazing projects, including the launch of the world's fastest internet. 

After my daughter was born, it became clear to me that I could no longer ignore the urge to try the entrepreneurial life.  So I took a giant leap of faith, started my own company, and somehow managed to convince my employer to become my client.  Now I get to use my time, talents and energy to create opportunities for others and help my clients actualize their visions. 

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