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Katie practices in the following areas:

Communications - In-depth knowledge of the complex legal issues involved with the communications business, particularly cable television and internet.  Katie has consulted and worked on cable system launches for numerous electric utilities and cooperatives through the Southeast, including the largest and fastest publicly owned internet provider in the United States.

Technology - For a decade, Katie served as primary counsel to negotiate and draft all contracts during the design, procurement, construction and on-going operation of an advanced broadband communications network.  She learned from a client's perspective all the specialized issues that must be addressed in technology deals (licensing, intellectual property, support and maintenance, source code, hidden costs, etc). 

Contracts - Katie has negotiated and drafted thousands of deals, many worth millions of dollars.  She quickly learned not to be intimidated by big deals and powerful opponents and has  dedicated nearly over a third of her life to studying the art of negotiation.  Let Katie help you create thoughtful and well-written contracts and utilize their power in your business relationships.

Regulatory & Compliance - As a former in-house lawyer, Katie had primary responsibility for the accuracy, timeliness and continuity of all regulatory filings for a client with more than 27 regulatory bodies overseeing its operations, including the FCC, EEOC, EPA, TDEC,  OSHA, TRA, DOE, DOL and more.

Privacy - Katie served for three years as a corporate Privacy Officer where she gained unique insight into customer expectations and the ever-growing list of obligations business owners must meet to protect their customers' privacy.

Employment - Katie's experience as defense counsel covers a wide array of employment issues ranging from Title VII, ADA, ADEA, FMLA, FLSA, to developing & advising on Policies & Best Practices and Conflict Resolution.  She is well equipped to help with drafting handbooks, policies, advising and auditing HR practices, and to assist with all manner of disputes.  

Local Government Law - From Public Records & Open Meetings compliance to Dillion's Rule and Governmental Tort Liability, Katie has almost fifteen years' experience representing the interests of public entities while always being mindful of public relations and cultural expectations.