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Since 2005, I have devoted my practice to taking care of all the legal needs for one large business client.  I spent much of this time focused on the legal work associated with planning, launching and operating the world's largest and fastest community-owned fiber optics network.  I had the unique experience of being both a lawyer and a client, which has allowed me to develop expertise in the following areas:

Communications - I have an in-depth knowledge of the complex legal issues involved with the communications business.

Technology - Serving as primary counsel to negotiate and draft all contracts during the design, procurement, construction and on-going operation of an advanced broadband communications network, I learned from a client's perspective all the specialized issues that must be addressed in technology deals (licensing, intellectual propoerty, support and maintenance, source code, hidden costs, etc). 

Contracts - I have negotiated thousands of deals, many worth millions of dollars.  At one time I was intimidated by deals with large values and powerful opponents.  I have now dedicated nearly one-third of my life to studying the art of negotiation.  Valuable experience has taught me the importance of a thoughtful and well-written contract and its power as one tool in a business relationship.

Regulatory & Compliance - While working in-house, I had primary responsibility for the accuracy, timeliness and continuity of all regulatory filings for a client with more than 27 regulatory bodies overseeing various parts of its business.  Some of these agencies include the FCC, EEOC, EPA, TDEC,  OSHA, TRA, DOE, DOL and more.

Privacy - From 2013-2016, I took on the additional role of corporate Privacy Officer, which provided me unique insight into customer expectations the ever-growing list of obligations business owners must meet to protect their customers' privacy.

Employment - I have experience as defense counsel handling a wide array of employment issues ranging from Title VII, ADA, ADEA, FMLA, FLSA, to developing & advising on Policies & Best Practices and Conflict Resolution.   

Local Government Law - From Public Records & Open Meetings compliance to Dillion's Rule and Governmental Tort Liability, I have over ten years' experience representing the interests of public entities while always being mindful of public relations and cultural expectations.